The Fanny Pack

Brazen Beneficial Trend

  One thing that I learned over the years: is that one must stay true to him or herself and have no regrets. You are the trendsetter of your own life and everyone else that decides to follow. Remember the fanny pack? Well, it is back.

   Just because something that could be beneficial, seems to be outdated or uncool, does not mean that you should jump on the bandwagon, and ditch it like everyone else. Many don’t realize that someone has to be brazen enough to say: “I don’t care what anyone says; I like it, so I’m going to wear it anyway.” I think that person is a true trendsetter.

   Some people, actually, believe that you have to be cool or famous to become a trendsetter, but in all honesty, all you have to do is make it look cute or cool; making where you stride, your runway. Unquestionably, people can make an impact on others if they are admired, but I think that it is more of a confidence thing. If you believe that you look outstanding, then guess what? Most likely you do, and your onlookers might presume you do as well.

   The waist bag or waist pack, which is better known, as the Fanny Pack was reintroduced into fashion in the1980′s, according to This was and remains a convenient way to carry your stuff around hands-free; however, over the years it became slightly unpopular and a past fad. Some didn’t want to be seen wearing a fanny pack, partly because it became so popular that everyone wore them, including so-called uncool people and the elderly. But why not? Wasn’t it beneficial to everyone? This definitely seemed to become passe’ over the years. Today seems to be more about convenience, and society seems to strive to be more unique and accepting. For it seems as though the new trends are: Expressing yourself, Being Yourself, Bringing it back in style and Everyone is a trendsetter. What are your thoughts on the Trends?

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