About Us

  AJBeneficial caters to the type of person who appreciates utility and function, such as myself, especially after having kids. Personally, I have always preferred multi-functional and utility items just because they seemed to make life much simpler for me. I knew that eventually, it would become beneficial, especially since I multi-task most of the time. I did it so much that I often left stuff behind and although the exercise of going back and forth was awesome, time wasn't always on my side. I always felt the need to have pockets when leaving home, and still feel the same way today. I prefer to have everything that I need with me just in case; especially, my often forgotten driver's license and credit cards, that are usually in my hand a few minutes prior. I use my hands very often and do not want to over-occupy them by carrying items, because they are CAPABLE of so much more, so why limit them?  Prior to opening, I began thinking to myself: "how awesome would it be to have a store that offers packs and bags, as well as, other beneficial things to keep the bulk directly out of our hands so we can make better use of them; they are not just for carrying stuff, you know!"

  We are all aware that most big things start off small. Many people can go back and recollect the beginning of some major events and can tell you that they were among the first to visit. These people may have been one of the first customers to walk into one of the most prestigious and well-known stores, parks, hotels or sites. They can vouch and say: "I was there" and "I remember their grand opening" just as many of our grandparents. We are definitely a small business right now but today's visit will put you among our first, so happy memories to you.